Are you exhausted from being in survival mode 24/7?

Do you wish you didn’t have such a short fuse?

Do want a life that's less of an emotional rollercoaster? 

I hear you. It's time to relax.

Nothing's more stressful than the worry and day-to-day challenges you face when you care for kids with special needs.

So, to be the best parents you can you need to learn how to relax. And after all you do for your family you deserve this.

But I know you're already too busy, so this course is as practical and bite-sized as possible. Learning simple techniques and tools for less stress has never been easier.

Four weekly modules and group Zoom Q and A sessions will see you on your way to less stress for your whole family.

Our thirty-day money-back guarantee ensures you can invest with confidence.

What you'll learn

This course deep dives into what research tells us helps manage stress.

You will learn a number of simple, practical strategies and relaxation exercises.

Most importantly, you will create a plan for less stress that fits in with your life and benefits your whole family.

Hi, I'm Susie

There were some very tough times in our home before I understood my son’s needs.

Having come out the other side of it AND having taught people how to manage stress for almost 10 years, I can walk you through what you need to do so that you and your family can have a life with less stress and more joy.

I'm a registered nurse, have a Masters of Public health and yoga and mindfulness qualifications which combine perfectly to help walk you through the simple steps you can take so you can have a calm and peaceful home. 

What Kate says about working with me

"This has been so helpful, the realisation that I felt trapped by all my responsibilities, and that it may not be as hard as I thought to shift some fundamental things feels good. Susie you are so good at what you do. It's really inspired me so much... really bloody helpful!

Thank you so much!"

You can start a new calmer, more harmonious life today.